Information about: wagnerwiesing.de (Admin PW)


Game Farming Simulator 22 (

Server game name wagnerwiesing.de (Admin PW)

Admin password WaWi2

IMPORTANT: Publishing the admin password is only possible as long as the access is only used to assign the farm manager status and to create farms. Otherwise we will unfortunately have to keep it a secret again. (Of course we wstill have the upper ahnd as the operator)

Game password No password

Map Elmcreek

Career mode Farm-Manager

Slots (Max. Players) 16

Game language German

Pause Game If Empty No

Crossplay allowed Yes


Further information https://decide.wagnerwiesing.de/

Online status http://ls22-1.wagnerwiesing.de/

Map Image http://ls22-1.wagnerwiesing.de/feed/dedicated-server-stats-map.jpg?code=f7da0317662213fca5d7c906daa199c0&quality=600&size=5120